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Get African Hair Braiding Near Me 

We know how difficult it can be to find the right hair braiding near me, that's perfect for your specific style.


Which local hair braiding salon should you choose ?

Who is the best hair  braider in your city?

Lastly, how can you make sure you're getting the highest quality braiding near you for your money's worth? 


You deserve the best, and 

We make sure to make that process a breeze! 

This is exactly why we created this online platform, to connect you to the best African hair braiders & braiding salons in your city.

Not only do we give you an easy to use, simple, well designed platform to find exactly what braiding style you need, we guarantee our partner salons are the best in the city to get the look you want for your style

 VIA our 

24/7 online message chat below

 where you can book your appointment and submit style details and images to us to share with your stylist!


We aim to provide you a straightforward, clean, and professional hair braiding experience in order to get all of your hair braiding needs fulfilled! 

 You're in the right place


If you're looking for anything hair braiding related "near me", look no further you've come to the RIGHT place! 

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Local Hair Braiding Styles Offered 

  • Box Braids Near Me 

  • Box Braids Bob

  • Box Braids Pixie

  • Cornrows Near Me 

  • Crochet Braids Near Me

  • Fluffy Twist

  • Ghana African Hair Braid

  • Goddess Braids Near Me

  • Faux Locs 

  • Havanna Twist

  • Kinky Twist

  • Mohawk

  • Nubian Twist

  • Senegalese Twists Near Me

  • Spring Twist

  • Retwist

  • Dreadlocs Near Me

  • Loctician Near Me

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What Our Fab  Customers are Saying 

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Ericka T. , Customer

OMG. I love the way my braids came out. Ladies, we all know how difficult it could be finding the right hair braider for the job. I was so pleased with the local service, because I usually get alot of unavailable hair braiders near me when i need them in a pinch. Great service overall. Digging the vibe of the platform and the stylists.

Marcus R. , Customer

Came from Brooklyn to Charlotte, NC to get some braids done. Pretty quick service, I booked online and I appreciate the owner being so nice on the chat. They hooked me up with a hair braiding salon near my cousins place. It made it easy for me to get what i wanted when i needed it done. Will def check them out again when I pass thru town.

Taylor F., Customer

If you need some braids near where you live, check em out. They basically connect you to great braiders where you live. Shout out to my man Devonte for getting my braids right! Good looking out on the great service my dude, I will continue to hit you guys up anytime I need a touch up for my braids, great local hair braiding referral service no doubt. Ya'll check them out and show love.



About Us

We refer you to hair braiding the best hair braiders & hair braiding salons "near you". We get you an open seat for the exact style you need with the best hair braiding salon near you ! Once your appointment is booked, we will send you the location of the appointment detalis you need to know and provide text message notifications and reminders of the salon location, time, and address! We know that each individual stylist and salon is different, and therefore requires a specific stylist for the right situation! Braids, Locticians, Natural Hair Care, we find the best stylists and salons to get you looking your best!

How much do we charge?

A 25% booking fee (reserves all appointments) . The remaining amount will be payed by you, the customer, directly to the stylist after your style is finished. For example: Box Braids = $150 25% will go towards the booking reservation , and $125, the remainder of the style will be payed by the customer to the stylist once has finished. Please bring your debit card / phone payment / cash to pay stylist at end of style.

Fab Styles "No Worry" Guarantee / Unsatisfaction Policy.

We pride ourselves in finding the right stylist for your requested style! We understand that you sometimes you may not be satisfied with your style! If you are, please place your message in the chat, and explain to us what happened. Once a claim has been made, we will discuss with the salon about the issue. A 50% INITIAL deposit will be refunded by Fab Styles : ex- $40 deposit , will be refunded if shown to be cleared after the claim. Any amount payed to the stylist will be up to the salon's general refund/customer policy.

Do we provide the hair with the service?

Most of our stylists and salons DO provide the hair needed for the service. If our stylists require that you bring your own hair to the appointment, we will inform you ahead of time so that you can get the exact look and feel of the braids that you want. Please check your local beauty supply store get your hair before the appointment if we cannot provide the hair.

How do I know what style to get? How can I get the look I want?

Great service is our top priority! We aim to try to give you open communication with the stylist and your requested style! A smartphone image will be shared with you the client , and sent to the stylist so he/she can see exaclty what style you'd like to get. Please send any images to the blue "chat" button below

COVID-19 (A message from our partners)

Please make sure that you arrive wearing a mask, not feeling sick, and exhibiting any symptoms before booking your braiding appointment online. Our stylists must all wear masks, and take and take steps to make sure you're getting a safe, sanitary, and high quality braiding experience ! :) Common Symptoms of Covid-19: -fever -shortness of breath -excess coughing -new loss of taste or smell -sore throat -etc If you have any of these symptoms, please schedule an appointment with us via the website in another 2 weeks, and we will make sure to take you as a client when you're feeling better.

Why Fab Styles?


Fab Styles is helping every natural hair braider and customers find each other ! Get vetted and expert hair braiders in your city. Get the best African hair braiding near me.

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