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Created in 2015, by Dimitrus J. Cherry,

 Fab Styles was created to help people do only one thing.


Find quality hair braiding near them and provide an easy to use platform to book appointments and provide 24/7 online support. 


 Traditionally finding quality hair braiding traditionally can be a confusing and time consuming process because of much of the way local salons handle their appointment setting, price setting,  and bad phone support.

So many different prices quotes, so many different ways to book, and so many calls to make  , you don't know where to start, and who to trust with your braids! 


So we wanted to create a digital platform that refers customers to a highly qualified  hair braiding salons and stylists "near me"  in any city , we've got you here, there, and anywhere!


We partner with the best local braiding salons, and black owned braiding businesses in to the area to get you the best prices and compare them!


We have simple, transparent,  booking all on one easy to use platform, it makes making appointments with a local braider a breeze!

Get The Best Hair Braiding Stylist Near You in Any City !

We will update with our new website launching on March 5th!


  Simple & Easy! 

Why Fab Styles?


Fab Styles is helping every natural hair braider and customers find each other ! Get vetted and expert hair braiders in your city. Get the best African hair braiding near me.

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