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Get Paid To Braid Hair In Charlotte, NC


"With Fab Styles I Am able to make Great Income 
 Braiding Hair"

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It's The "Uber" of Hair Braiding.


Get automated braiding calls from clients who need your service the first week you join! 


Leverage our incoming clients! We've done all the marketing and the advertising. We're looking for hair braiders that are skillful in their craft to fulfill work orders. 


Be your own boss! Whether you work from a home salon, you are a mobile stylist, or you have your own salon suite, you choose where you meet your client. 


Same day pay is guaranteed.  You'll be compensated for your services the same day from our client, no worrying about where your next paycheck will come from. 

Join US. Get Your First Client Free

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General Questions

How does the partnership program work?

If you're a hair braider , you have the opportunity to partner with Fab Styles to recieve open braiding inquires from us. We empower local natural hair stylists, locticians, and hair braiders to get more clients and offer opportunites to earn from hair braiding.

What do I need to get started?

A smartphone, a mode of tansportation, and your materials to braid your clients hair effectivley. You'll need at least 5 years of experience to apply as a partner. We will not take novice and/ or beginner braiders.

What city is this located in ?

We are a Charlotte, NC based braiding marketing agency.

Why partner with us ?

If you have your own hair braiding business, this program will give you the opportunity to get more clients then you've ever had access to. Most braiders find this better than trying to constantly find and market to new clients themselves on a daily basis, and when you partner with us, you'll avoid the hassle of chasing clients ever again.

What experience do I need to qualify ?

You'll need a minimum of 5 years of hair braiding experience. A stylist should be able to show proficiency in box braids, cornrows, and various types of african hair briaidng styles. This is not a beginner and/or platform for those just beginning to gain experience from

What does the job look like once I sign up

After signing up, we'll forward any incoming calls we get to your mobile phone. You'll talk with the client about appointment details and arrange a time and a place to have the style done.. If the client doesn't show up, then you'll get other calls this week to offset the missed appointment. After the style is finished, the client will pay via credit card or digital payment. We will then invoice your account for services rendered