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General Questions

What is the Fab Styles Affiliate Program?

If you're a licenced hair braider , you have the opportunity to apply to the Affiliate Program to recieve open braiding inquires from us. We empower local natural hair stylists, locticians, and hair braiders to get more clients and opportunited to earn commissions based on the hair jobs we send them.

How do I qualify? What do I need to get started?

You'll need the following to qualify 1. Cosmetology License (Required) / In Process of Obtaining License. 2. A smartphone w/ internet access 3. Any materials you need for braiding hair 3. Proof of previous client work (pictures or videos will do). Send us your website or social media page. 4. Signed contractor agreement Once, all these documents are submitted , you'll be added to our special team group app (via SLACK smartphone app). And be contacted via text / phone call to discuss your application.

Is this for me & my business?

If you've watched the entire video above , and you want more clients for your braiding business, then you can't afford not to apply! Benefits -peace of mind knowing you have clients sent to you weekly -Sales Qualified Clients, no tire-kickers calling asking you for prices all day -24/7 messenger support with Fab Styles w/ any questions This opportunity is limited, and is only availible for a select amount of salons, businesses per location. This Affiliate Program puts your hair braiding business in a unique position to leverage a huge database of local clients to empower your sales and client exposure, and earning potential.


How much can I get paid? How do I recieve compensation?

Depending on the style the customer chooses to get will determine your pay out. We have our prices listed on our website. You'll recive a commission up to 75% of any listed service on our website. The customer will pay you once you complete the style via cash , or direct deposit via paypal.

How often do I get paid?

We offer same day pay. The customer will pay you directly after your work is completed.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. If the customer is unsatisfied with their hair style. You're required to give them back half of the cost of the style. The other half will be yours to keep for your time. Please make sure you and your client are on the same page so there's no miscommunication on their requested style. We offer the client the ability to send pictures and video of their requested style, and have a policy on communication during the style w/ the client.


Where are we located? Where will I work on my client?

We simply send you the customer. You will work on the client at your location of business. Whether you choose to work from home, or work in a salon suite, or travel to the client directly. That's completely up to you. However, we suggest that you have a professional location to handle your client.

Earn on your own schedule. 

When we get a braiding lead, you'll be notified if it becomes available! We will send it to you via TEXT or CALL and you can either ACCEPT IT or DECLINE IT! 

Get guaranteed appointments for your business

Worry less about where your next appointment is going to come from!  We have appointments that need to be filled on a weekly basis

Clear earnings, instant 


 Clear and concise pay model lets you know how much you will make before accepting a braiding appointment.

Why Fab Styles?


Fab Styles is helping every natural hair braider and customers find each other ! Get vetted and expert hair braiders in your city. Get the best African hair braiding near me.

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