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We connect you to the highest rated best local hair braiding in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas (Concord, Huntersville, Harrisburg, Pineville and Mint Hill) with stylists within a 45 minute drive from you.


We test them to make sure they're extremely qualified and licensed to braid your hair!


 Whether you're out of state or a local!


We GUARANTEE! to get you an open seat at a highly rated salon or hair braider near you when you need it ! 


If we are unable to find a stylist , we give you a complete refund of your deposit!   

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What Charlotte Neighborhoods

Do We Serve? 


Here at Fab Styles Hair Braiding, we consider ourselves to be the "go-to" for all things braiding related in the city of Charlotte, NC. 

Whether you're a student at one of the local schools, a businessman/woman, or simply a local or passing through our beautiful city, we've got you! 

We strive to serve all of the neighborhoods in the Queen City 

Check out all of the sections of Charlotte that we serve!


Frequently asked questions

What type of braiding styles do we provide?

Pretty much any braiding style you can think of, our team can handle it! We do offer the ability to live chat w/ our team and send us a picture (via the live chat) , so we can literally see exactly what style you'd like to get. If you'd like to browse our style selection catalog , click here

What if I don't see my style in the Booking Section?

Please click the blue "Chat" button below and simply leave your name and phone number and info about the style you'd like. We have the option to insert pictures and a brief description. Someone from our team will text you shortly to provide you a quote and a time!

Do you have mobile stylists also?

At this particular time, due to COVID-19, we don't allow mobile stylists to enter individuals homes. However, we do have partner salons that we work with to get you an appointment quickly at our sanitzed and cleaned salon suites !

How much do you charge ?

There is a $40 deposit required to book your style of choice More expensive and time-consuming styles require larger deposit. Check out our availiable styles here If you don't see a style you'd like, please click the blue chat button below, and we'll get back to you

Do you have salon booths ?

Yes! We work with local hair braiding businesses in town to get you hair braiding appointments. We send you to their salons and work out their prices to get you exactly the style you'd like. Please click here to check out our styles.

What Type of Braiding Styles Do We Provide?

  • Box Braids (all types) 

  • Dreadlocks (all types)

  • Feed In Braids 

  • French Braids

  • Braided Ponytail

  • Dutch Braids 

  • Crochet Braids

  • Lemonade Braids

  • Goddess Braids 

  • Braided Buns 

  • Cornrow Braids 

The point is if it can be braided, we've got

 you covered! 

Ericka Jackson

July 20 , 2020


"Wonderful experience. They partner with the local salons and the braiders near me. If one stylist is booked, they just find someone else to take me at a great rate! Had an appointment for 4, came early with a friend and was in a chair by 10 that morning. This particular stylists salon was set up in a 90s type of way , loved the vibes! Loved the overall service. I can support multiple black businesses this way! I've wanted an African Hair Braiding Service like this in Charlotte,NC . Made my first time getting braids so easy. Would definitely recommend to a friend."

    Marquis K 

July 17, 2020


"I booked an appointment online , and got straight in the chair, exactly how I wanted it, no wait, no fuss....they were courteous, patient while I figured out what exactly I wanted and executed. I could easily get an appointment at a local hair braiding boutique in Charlotte without wondering when they were open or had a seat near me. Def will be back for the upkeep. Thanks for referring me Fab Styles! Love the service"

Nicole Powell

July  19, 2020


"Came into town from NYC ... By way of Brooklyn!  This is the ONLY service I use to find braiding right near me ! Coming from up top, I know how difficult it can be to find reliable braiders!  Fab Styles just referred me to the best braider in town ,  and I have been faithfully using the online service for over 3 years and these guys consistently have available stylists ! The braiders were friendly and helpful and they were FAST. I  NEVER lose braids either. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the braiding near me service. Love what you do DJ , keep up the great service for our local braiding community near me !  Peace Out  from Brooklyn!"

Shawn V

June 7, 2020


Great braids done , Thanks to Fab Styles Website they quickly connected me with a great stylist near me.  I had to pay extra, but the people were professional. I love my new dreadlocks and it would even be enough to thank them for the work they are doing. Pricing is good and affordable. Definitely will be back. I'll keep yall posted

We offer a 100% deposit back guarantee. Check out our styles below ! 

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Fab Styles is helping every natural hair braider and customers find each other ! Our vetted and expert hair braiders bring the best hospitality to you.

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