How Much Do Braids Cost In 2021?

Updated: Jan 4

So you finally decided to get your hair braided by a professional.

You Go King/Queen! I'm glad you've made this decision. That's a great call!

You may be wondering what hair braiding might actually cost you, and why hair braiders justify their prices. Sometime it can seem down right expensive and confusing why sometimes styles cost much more than others

In this article I'm going to answer all of your questions !

This is the pricing guide for the most popular hair styles in 2020.

So let's begin !

Popular Braiding Costs (Range)

These costs represent low & high ranges, and reflect the marketplace in 2020.

There is no one "correct" price, and it's important that you always go based on quality and not necessarily the lowest price.

Always compare prices and make sure you're doing business with a quality salon or individual with high ratings!

And remember here at Fab Styles braiding, with us, you're getting referred to the best braider in your local area at the best price!

So without further adieu


Prices usually depend on a multitude of factors :

1) location of the salon (is it a high end salon/ low end salon?)

2) length of the hair. How long would you like it? (shoulder length / back length / butt length)

3) time factor (how long it takes) , difficulty of the style

4) the quality of the materials during the style

5) the experience of the hair braider involved

Popular Braid Styles & Costs

Low End to High End (Kids Usually Cheaper)

Box Braids Costs ($130 to $200)

Retwists ($50)

Cornrows ($50 to $100)

Knotless Box Braids ( $200 to $300)

French Braid Costs ( $120 to $200)

Braided Ponytail ( $120 to $200)

Dutch Braids ($65 to $150)

Crochet Braids ($150 to $250)

Lemonade Braids ($250 to $300)

Feed In Braids ($160 to $250)

Goddess Braids ($250 to $400)

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Popular Twist Styles & Costs

From Nubian Twists to Senegalese Twists, here are some of the common prices related to popular twisted hair styles!

Low End to High End (Kids usually cheaper)

Nubian Twists ($200 to $300)

Passion Twists ($200 to $300)

Senegalese Twists ($250 to $350)

Two Strand Twists ($150 to $200)

Kinky Twists ($175 to $250)

Nubian Twist ($180 to $250)

Want to know more details and how it factors into the braiding cost ?

Keep Reading!

If you think you're ready to get a style, check out what styles we have available in your local area here.

Time Factor -- How it relates to cosT

How long does it take to braid your hair?

Have you ever considered how long it truly takes to braid someones hair? Think about it! Someone wants a style, and the style could be very intricate and involve different hair pieces and product to make sure a quality job is being done. You may even need more than one braider to work on one head sometimes, depending on the difficulty of style.

Usually, a lower maintenance style could take about 1-2 hours. However, some styles take a much longer time, like knotless box braids or senegalese twists for example could take upwards of 4 to 6 hours!

It can be a long process, however, quality work shouldn't be rushed and if you want to turn heads, sometimes that extra time spent on your head is a necessary evil. This is how braids can cost more money, because we're not talking about a "quick" process, but a long process that pays much attention to detail.

However some salons have free wifi and TV, so make sure to ask your stylist in advance so you can watch a cool show or check your phone while waiting! If you want us to refer you to a salon with these cool features, click here to select a style, and we'll handle it for you!

Location --- How It Relates to Cost

Location is also a big factor in price decision. Would you pay the same price for a McDonalds cheeseburger as you would for a Shake Shake Double Cheeseburger? Probably not.. But why is this? It's because of the ambience of the store, the quality of the product, and the cost to run the business.

Are you getting your hair done by a mobile stylist? Well you may want to factor in costs like gas money and convenience.

If someone is charging you an extremely low amount of money for a quality service, how much value do you think they place on themselves and their product. Consider these factors when you want to get your hair braided next time!

Braiding Materials --- How It Relates to Cost

In 2020, we live in an era of much change. You must know that the stylist is sterilizing their equipment, and taking the proper precaution to keep you safe and healthy. Materials like combs, brushes, hair extensions packs, clips, scissors, hair creams etc are an essential part of a quality hair braiders arsenal.

If they don't have any hair products and quality hair products, you'll want to inquire about that and question the stylist about that! If you need someone to refer you to salons and stylists who take the extra step, click here

Skilled Training -- How it Relates To Cost

Is your stylist trained correctly?

Just like any skill, whether it may be a barber, or a skilled technician, or a student of trade, hair braiding takes a long time to truly master.

Many of the stylists take months or even years to hone their skills , and many invest quality time into their training and license in order to be certified in their skill braiding.

Training, leads to knowledge. Acting on that knowledge gives them the skills needed to produce a quality product. Continuously practicing on their skill gives them experience which becomes what your customers are happy to spend their money on.

Experiences lead to expertise which differentiates novices from experts and this is the stage where people become leaders in their industry which is then translated to money. To become a leader in Hair Braiding training has got to be continuous as styles and knowledge changes constantly.

To get an experienced braider for your particular style, click here , or click the "chat" button below to ask us a question

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