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Updated: Nov 2, 2020

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Why You Need To Go To A Natural Hair Salon ?

Natural Hair Salon Charlotte NC
Embrace Your Natural Uniqueness!

You know, part of the reason I went natural was my frustration with salons. I have overheard stylist on many occasions making negative remarks about the texture of some women's hair and their decision to go natural.

Also, it seems that some stylists don't like for you to ask questions or come to the table with knowledge about your hair and what works for you, making comments like "Let me do my job." So frustrating.

Many people who once used chemical relaxers or other potentially damaging products to change textured or curly hair want to learn more about products and services that are more natural.

I think a stylist can specialize in many things if they have proper training and experience. I don't think they should be limited but yes, there are people out there that do not know how to truly care for natural hair and call themselves specialist.

There's definitely a difference between hair care (maintenance) stylist and then there are those who can just style really great. I think a variety of products should be available. Not every natural girl wants natural (organic) products.

Questions To Consider When Choosing A Natural Hair salon / stylist?

When contemplating a salon or stylist you should ask 3 major questions:

1)What makes you a natural hair hair stylist or what makes your salon a natural hair care salon?

2)What type/brand name products do you all use?

3)Do you do natural hair care styles? If so, what kind?

Never assume that a salon/stylist has the same interpretation of "natural hair" that you do. Some people may think that being perm-free makes one natural while others may think that being perm-free and using only natural products makes one natural.

You really want to understand that not all natural hair salons are created equal! You may want to actually know more information about your individual stylist before you make that trip. Plus, a little comparative shopping never hurt anyone.

You should compare the top natural hair salons and stylists in the city, and go with someone that makes sure they're really about their business.

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